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Applying for a Visitor Visa (TRV)


Use our evaluation service to find out if your Canadian Visitor Visa application is likely to be approved.

This evaluation and consultation package includes an explanation of issues that may lead to a refusal of your application. Our thorough and affordable service can save you both the cost of non-refundable Government fees, and even more importantly, the damage to your immigration record, if your application is refused.

To use our thorough evaluation service complete the service order form below. After your submission is completed you will receive a confirmation email. We are committed to processing and finalizing all TRV evaluations as quickly as possible and within no longer than three (3) business days.

Each year hundreds of thousands of visitor/tourist visa applications are refused by Canada. Many of the refusals are avoidable and only occur because applicants do not understand the requirements or the manner in which these applications are being assessed by the Federal Government of Canada.

We believe that if a Visitor Visa application is unlikely to be approved, it should not be submitted.

Above and beyond the cost of the non-refundable government fees, adding a visa refusal to the permanent immigration record of the applicant with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (Canada's federal immigration department), is something that should be avoided to the extent possible. Many countries, including Canada, ask visa applicants if they have ever been refused a visa by any country. A refusal of a Canadian Visitor Visa application, that was not submitted properly, or should not have been submitted in the first place, may taint the individual's immigration record with more than one country. 

TRV Form
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