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Canadian Real Estate Service for Newcomers and Foreign Investors 

In collaboration with Barak Empire Group, Great North Immigration is offering our clients the following comprehensive Real Estate assistance package:


  • 30 Minute one-on-one consultation discussing the client's investment/purchase needs for either purchase of a business, investment property or residential home for the client. 


  • This includes consultation regarding the pros and cons of each investment strategy and what investment strategy best suits the client's needs and which will expedite the process of immigrating to Canada.


  • Also included is a step by step plan on which markets and types of real estate in Canada appreciate in value the highest. 


  • Once investment strategy has been set the client will be set up with daily emails including every property or business that is new to the market. By receiving daily update emails the client is always first to know about new opportunities and has the access to act first on a property or business that has high demand and will be sold within days.


  • The client will also receive a comparative market analysis on every property or business of interest to better understand the market of choice and how to determine which properties are listed below market value.


  • Real estate lawyer and mortgage broker - every client will have free access to these additional services. This includes a free mortgage application process review, as well as guaranteed best mortgage rates available in Canada due to the large number of transactions we do and our ties with certain banks and financial lenders. Our in house real estate lawyer provides free contract and amendment review to all our clients.


The cost of this package is only USD 250. It can be purchased by completing the order form below.

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